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The cost of a mobile app typically depends on the complexity of the project.

A lower end simple app for marketing can range from about $3,000 - $8,000. A Higher end more specialized app could range from $12,000 - $130,000. Mobile Game Development could cost up to $250,000. To help you better understand the costs associated with such an undertaking please take a look at a few factors:

  • Design:Developing a mobile app isn't just about coding. It is important to properly design the layout and process process flow in order to get off to the right start on any mobile project. This design process takes time and will cost money, especially for a high-end corporate app which could take a couple of months to design and plan.
  • Coding:The time and effort used to code and program a mobile app will usually exceed the time it will take to design but can be minimized if well planned.
  • Testing:Testing is an ongoing effort and very important to the success of any development project. Features have to be tested and re-tested with every change to guarantee quality and functionality. The main testing phase typically starts shortly after when the first development milestone is reached but usually consists of a lot of back and forth between test teams and developers
  • Web Services:Unless you plan on releasing a very simplistic app, most cases you will need a centralized web service to feed information to the user. You should expect to invest a decent amount of monetary resources into hosting a reliable server side technology because this will improve the overall user experience
  • Validation:Additional changes may be needed after the project is nearing completion to stay in compliance with guidelines imposed by app stores. Apple tends to be more stringent in enforcing their guidelines when compared to the android market place.
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